Topic outline

  • General


    Welcome to Elm Drive PE

    Mr Russell





  • What's Happening

    Hello Everyone Happy New Year!   Thank You to all who came out to cheer on our Runners at The SnowFlake Run the students were excited to have their chance to shine on the Track.

    Our 2020 is rolling already in the Gym. We have started a unit in Tumbling and fun stunts with all 3 grade levels. Rolls, Fun Stunts and Crawls will keep us busy for a couple weeks. Then the balance beams will be out to challenge us at different levels. Later in the month we will build the Elm Drive Obstacle Course and challenge our students skills with many different obstacles.

    Looking ahead to February our Heart Unit will be coming up. Once again this year we will partner with The American Heart Association during this unit and do a fund raiser for people with special hearts. Our full size floor model will be part of the students PE class with a chance to travel through the chambers of the heart and circulatory system as a red blood cell. Through this journey students pick up lots of heart knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of how the body works.









    • K PE


      The Learning Center---- Body Concepts/ Rhythmns

      Running ---- Endurance/Sprinting




    • 1st and 2nd PE

      First and Second Grade Physical



      Muscles of the body(2nd)

      Bones Of The Body(1st)

      The Elm Drive Long Distance Club/sprinting


      Current Unit /Activity


      • Walking Club

        This year we will be walking once every two weeks with each class. The walks are a time to get out of the classroom and take a exercise break. Walks are approximately 20 minutes each and usually explore the school property. We try to have as much fun as we can along the way by using games and challenges as we walk. Hopefully when we return students have used some energy and are ready to get back to work. In the case of bad weather walks may have to be cancelled.