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    Hello Everyone, Happy New School Year!  I have been meeting classes and many new students and am excited about the year of learning and growth ahead. Our Kindergarten students are adjusting to their new school home and judging by the smiles they seem to be fitting in well. In Kindergarten PE we are learning the different parts of our PE class. First attendance then the Learning Center. Here we begin to learn basic concepts about the body with our friendly skeleton "Mr. Seymour Bones". Next were on to jogging as a class. We will add one lap of our gym each week as we prepare for the "Snowflake Run"  in Dec. which you will be invited to. Finally we focus in on our unit of the week currently movement exploration w/ Beanbags.

    In first and second grades its settling into our routines meeting old and new friends and preparing for this years PE challenges. Our First graders will be learning the bones of the body while Second grades will learn major muscle groups this year. Our jogging has already started and we will continue to go farther each week also and celebrate w you at the "Snowflake Run " in Dec.  WE are already working on underhand and overhand throws using targets in our first unit.

    Have A Great Year and Exercise Everyday!








    • K PE


      The Learning Center---- Body Concepts/ Rhythmns

      Running ---- Endurance/Sprinting




    • 1st and 2nd PE

      First and Second Grade Physical



      Muscles of the body(2nd)

      Bones Of The Body(1st)

      The Elm Drive Long Distance Club/sprinting


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      • Walking Club



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