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    Welcome to Reading AIS

    Ms. Stafford

    Elm Drive Elementary School
    12 Elm Drive
    Millbrook, NY 12545

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    • What is AIS?

      Academic intervention services (AIS) are services designed to help students achieve the learning standards in English language arts.  These services will be provided to children whom need:

      • additional instruction that supplements the general curriculum (regular classroom instruction)  
      • support services in order to improve academic performance.  The intensity of the services may vary, but will depend on the student's needs as indicated through ongoing assessments and data.

      Students whom receive reading AIS services will be instructed by me, in a small group setting, for 30 minutes multiple times a week.  

      • Building a Reader at Home

        Explore Books

        •Give your child opportunities to visit libraries or bookstores to find topics and books that interest them.

        Make it Fun

        •Reading should not be a chore.  Read with your child every day, discuss books, research topics and do book activities together.

        Be an Example

        •Children learn by example, so let your child see you reading (a book, newspaper, cookbook, etc.)

        Ask Questions

        •Make predictions.
        •Who are the characters?
        •What is the setting?
        •What is the main idea?
        •What was the problem and solution?
        •What was the moral?
        • Retell the story in your own words.

        Pick Good Fit Books

        A book that is a good match for your child should meet the following requirements:

        purpose for reading, interest, can they understand?, can they retell?, do they know most of the words?

        Read, Read, Read

        • Make sure to read for at least 30 minutes per day.  Students can read independently, aloud to an adult, or back and forth taking turns.
        • Links/Resources for Reading

          The Millbrook Public Library:

          Educational Games on Abcya.  Choose your child's grade level and choose a reading game:

          A reading website:

          • Sight Words