Topic outline

  • General


    Our Classroom

    Mrs. Dorsman


  • Topic 1


    March Birthdays

    Nicholas- 3/12

    March Events

    Dr. Suess Week


    3/2- Read my Shirt Day

    3/3-Crazy Hair Day

    3/4-Mismatched Socks/Crazy Socks

    Bardavon Field Trip-The Very Hungry


    3/5-Wear a Hat to School

    3/6-Elm Drive Shirt or College Shirt Day

    3/9-3/12- Kindergarten Registration

    3/13-Superintendent's Conference Day

    3/17- School Spirit Day

    (wear green)

    3/20-Spring Begins

    3/24-Author Visit

    3/27-Spring Concert






    • Topic 3


      Fry Word List 1(1st 100)

      Fry Word List 2(2nd 100)

      Fry Word List 3(3rd 100)

      Fry Word List 4(4th 100)

      Please practice your sight words at Spelling City.

      Grammar Focus

      -Writing complete sentences

      -Use capital letters at the beginning of a sentence and proper noun

      -Spelling word wall words correctly

      • Topic 4


        English Language Arts Unit of Study

        Writer's Workshop

        March Unit of Study

        Unit 4- Persuasive Writing

            As a writer I can....

        think, think, think

        touch and tell

        sketch and write


        -modeled writing

        -conferences with the teacher 

        -editing our work

        -publishing our stories

        -celebrating our stories

         Unit of Study

        Unit 4- Meet the Characters and Learning Lessons

        As a reader I can...

        pick just right books

        use reading strategies

        read smoothly

        -choosing a just right book

        -independent reading

        -interactive writing

        -shared reading

        -partner reading

        -conferences with the teacher

        to encourage reading strategies



      • Topic 5

         Social Studies

        • Unit 2: "We are Family"

          Unit 2 Glossary of Terms

          My Family, Your Family

          *Why we need families

          *Compare and contrast different families

          Family Tree

          *Learn the difference between imediate and extended families

          *Construct and share a family tree

          Family Roles and Responsibilities

          *Jobs within a family unit

          *Roles and responsibilities of each family member

          All Families are Different, Yet the Same

          *Learn about different cultural traditions

          *Reflect on traditions of others

          Families Over Time

          *Interview family members

          *Learn how families change over time


        • Topic 13

          Math For March

          Time to the hour and half hour

          Numbers to 100

          Counting by Making Ten First

          Compare and Order Numbers

          Tens and Ones

          More Than and Less Than

          Add a One Digit Number and a Two-digit Number

          Subtract a One digit Number and a Two Digit Number

          Add a Ten and Subtract a Ten

          Make a Ten Strategy