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    Our Classroom

    Mrs. Dorsman

    Mrs. Hobson


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     June Birthdays

    no birthdays

    July Birthday


    August Birthday




    Specials Schedule

    Day 1- PE

    Day 2-PE

    Day 3-PE

    Day 4-Music

    Day 5-Art

    Day 6-Library

    June Events

    6/6-Town of Washington Park field trip


    6/14- Flag Day

    School spirit day

    wear red,white,blue


    First Grade Ice Cream Social


    Last Day of School

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    • Topic 3


      Fry Word List 1(1st 100)

      Fry Word List 2(2nd 100)

      Fry Word List 3(3rd 100)

      Fry Word List 4(4th 100)

      Please practice your sight words at Spelling City.

      Grammar Focus

      -Writing complete sentences

      -Use capital letters at the beginning of a sentence and proper noun

      -Spelling word wall words correctly

      • Topic 4


        English Language Arts Unit of Study

        Writer's Workshop

        June Unit of Study

        Unit 5- Scenes to Series

        Realistic Fiction Writing

            As a writer I can....

        think, think, think

        touch and tell

        sketch and write


        -modeled writing

        -conferences with the teacher 

        -editing our work

        -publishing our stories

        -celebrating our stories

        Guided Reading

        -instructional small groups

        June Unit of Study

        Unit 4-Retelling and Comprehension


        As a reader I can...

        pick just right books

        use reading strategies

        read smoothly

        -choosing a just right book

        -independent reading

        -interactive writing

        -shared reading

        -partner reading

        -conferences with the teacher

        to encourage reading strategies



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        Topic 17

        Social Studies Unit of Study

        Unit 3: "Unity in Community"

        Unit 3 Glossary of Terms

        Classroom Community

        *What is a community?

        *Make a banner with the definition of "community",

        our hand prints, and our names.

        School Community

        *Important people in our school community

        *Interviews with members of our school community

        Neighborhood Community

        *Important places in our community

        *Important people in our community

        *Community mobile

        World Community

        *World pyramid starting with me project