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    Level 1

    Fundations is a phonological/phonemic awareness, phonics and spelling program offered from the Wilson Reading System. It is a program that provides a multi-sensory approach to learning how to read and learn the alphabetic principle. Each lesson is specifically designed to meet the individual needs of each student. All skills are taught to a level of mastery so that a core knowledge base is created for future reading and writing skills to be taught. 

  • Orientation and Unit 1



    During the Orientation to this program students will meet Echo, an Owl puppet that provides a fun way to learn letter sounds that can be attached to their memory. Students also learn how to Sky-Write. We use this gross-motor activity to review letter formation for all the letters in the alphabet. We use specific verbalizations to learn the formation of letters by identifying the size and shape of letters with pictures. The Fundations writing paper is an important part of the learning process for handwriting and letter formation. 

    Unit 1 

    The topics below will be covered during Unit 1 of Fundations. Each Unit will be followed by a short test that reviews the concepts that were covered. Each student will have a Student Notebook to organize the materials they will use in our daily lessons. Students are encouraged to refer to their Notebooks to help them review and learn new material. 

    • Letters A-Z 
    • Alphabetical order
    • Letter names, sounds, and keywords 
    • Story time and Poems

      • Home Support Pack

        The Home Support Pack is a supplement to the work that is being done in the classroom with your child. Look for these letters to come home in your child's backpack. But you can also click on the appropriate link below to print additional copies of the packs. You can use the activities in this pack to help extend the learning activities that your child takes part in. Reviewing the concepts taught in school will surely improve their reading and writing skills.