Topic outline

  • Topic 1

    Welcome to First Grade

    Room 30

    Mrs. Rizzo

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  • Topic 4

    Singapore Math

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    to learn more about Singapore Math

    Resources for Parents

    Helping With Math

    X-tra Math Website




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  • Topic 5

    English Language Arts


    Unit of Study:

    Building Good Reading Habits

    -School Baggies and Home Baggies

    -Building Reading Stamina

    -Reading Calendars

    -Partner Reading


    -Using Pictures

    - Strategies to Check Tricky Words

    -Noticing Punctuation

    -Rereading to Practice Smooth Reading

    - Readers set goals for themselves at home and school

    - Readers build reading stamina to become stronger readers

    -Readers use a reading log to track how many books they have read


    -Readers reread to learn, enjoy and make their reading sound smooth.

    Class Mini Lessons with Connections, Teaching Points, Active Engagement and Links

    Interactive Read Alouds

    Shared Reading

    Poetry Folders

    Fundations Word Study and Skills / Phonics and Decoding

    Independent Reading

    Buddy Reading

    Conferencing and Coaching

    Anchor Charts

    Share and Celebrate


    Guided Reading

    Differentiated Small Group Reading Instruction

    Independent Reading

    Strategy Groups

    Reading smoothly


    Writers Workshop

    Unit of Study:  Small Moments

    Writing Folders,  the Writing Center and Paper Choices

    - Writers write adventures about themselves staying in the moment

    - Writers Think, Sketch and Write

    - Writers study realistic  fiction authors as mentors

    - Writers Use a Word Wall 

     - Writers stretch out all of the sounds they hear in a word

    - Writers revise, edit and publish

    - Writers Celebrate!

    Workshop Independence

    - Rereading our Writing

    - "When we're done, we've just begun

    - Writing Partners

    - Sharing Writing Pieces

    Class Mini Lessons with Connections,Teaching Points, Active Engagement and Links

    Writing Process


    Modeled Writing

    Shared Writing

    Conferencing and Coaching


    Anchor Charts


    Grammar Skills

    -Use a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence and for proper nouns

    -Access high frequency words with a Word Wall

    - Recognize the end marks and alter voice to match the form of punctuation when reading

    - Using an Editing Checklist

    - Use conventional spelling for words with common spelling patterns

    - Writing Complete Sentences

    - Word Families




  • Topic 6

    Social Studies

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  • Topic 7


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