Composición Unidad 4. Due:


  • Your answer should be written entirely in Spanish and should contain a minimum of 30 words. Your answers must be written in your own words; no credit will be given for a response that is copied or substantially the same as material from other parts of this examination. Place names and brand names written in Spanish count as one word. Contractions are also counted as one word. Salutations and closings as well as commonly used abbreviations are included in the word count. Numbers, unless written as words, and names of people are not counted as words.
  • Be sure that you have satisfied the purpose of the task. The sentence structure and/or expressions used should be connected logically and demonstrate a wide range of vocabulary with minimal repetition.

You are visiting a family in Perú. Everyone in the host family, including you, has household chores to do. In Spanish, write a journal entry about the household chores that you do. You may wish to include:

• the chores that you like to do

• the chores that you do not like to do

• when you do these chores

• how often you do these chores

• what chores the other family members do

Writing Rubric