Forum: Cyberbullying. Due:Monday, October 3

Please post a new discussion and answer the questions posted below about Cyberbullying . Then, reply to one of your classmate's postings.(Keep in mind "Netiquette")

1. What steps can you take to make it less likely that you will be cyberbullied?
2. What should you not do if you are cyberbullied? Why?
3. What can you do if you see someone else being cyberbullied?
4. What are your thoughts on the following statement? “On the Internet, I should have the free-speech right to post whatever I want, even if I might hurt someone.


From Cyberbullying and Cyberthreats: Responding to the Challenge of Online Social Aggression, Threats, and Distress,
by N.E. Willard, © 2007, Champaign, IL: Research Press (800-519-2707;

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